My Name is Herbert Miles. I’m seventeen years old, and I seem to be the ONLY one in my class that understands how TRULY meaningless this all is.

I’ve lived at Tiburon Academy for four years now … and I’d have gone crazy by now if it wasn’t for the Internet. This is what keeps me truly sane. Tiburon is a prep school that caters to the spawn of the idle rich … Mums and Dad’s too busy skiing the Alps or sunning in Rio to raise their own kids.

Or, in my case … deceased parents and an alcoholic uncle that doesn’t know how to deal with his nephew’s condition.

I founded THE HOPE VIRUS so I’d have a place to talk with people about the way I feel.

So I won’t have to feel so damn … ALONE all the time.

It’s become pretty popular since then. We got mentions on Fark and Digg (probably for the wrong reasons, but whatever).

Nobody at Tiburon even knows who I am. But on here? I can be confident. Assured by others that whatever I feel is okay. That there are plenty of other kids going through the same things.

It’s not perfect … but nothing is.

Nothing … EVER … is.

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